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Destination nostalgia

On the Orient Express from Istanbul to Venice

Gulf Business, December 28 2010

A land soaked in sunshine ... and sorrow

Articles published in 2010

- including visits to Quebec, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Colombia and Galveston and programme articles written for Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, English National Opera and Welsh National Opera. There is a large gap in this after July 2010 which will be filled in due course.

In the meantime access articles July - December 2010 via  the website 
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Articles up until the middle of 2010 listed below:

Stay the night: Kempinski Nile, Cairo

Cairo was often let down by its poor standard of accommodation but not any more, says Adrian Mourby, The Independent on Sunday, July 11 2010


If Puglia is the new Tuscany, where are all the British?

The threatened invasion from our shores hasn't materialised so far. Adrian Mourby visits a new hotel that could persuade us to make the journey, The Independent on Sunday, July 4 2010


The Calatrava Connection

From Lisbon to Zurich Santiago Calatrava has redefined the railway station in Europe. Adrian Mourby profiles the Spaniard who is now transforming Belgium's railways.

Metropolitan, July 2010


Stay the night: Rumene Manor, Latvia

This 19th-century manor house is in the vanguard of Latvia's hotel revolution, says Adrian Mourby, The Independent on Sunday, June 27 2010


Forgetting Birthdays

Anniversaries are a favourite hook for concert planners, festival directors and magazine editors. But Adrian Mourby has had enough.

Classical Music Magazine June 5 2010

Marrakech Express

Never mind the sex, this is the city

Evening Standard 26 May 2010

Stay the night: Odette en Ville, Brussels

This boutique hotel is not to all tastes, but things are seldom black and white, says Adrian Mourby, The Independent on Sunday, May 9 2010


Times may be tight, but we're hooked on classics

Classical music festivals are on the increase across Europe despite the tough economic climate. Adrian Mourby reports, May 23 2010


A land soaked in sunshine ... and sorrow

Its troubled past is unavoidable, but new tours of Serbia offer rich rewards, says Adrian Mourby, The Independent on Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, what would Winston have made of this?

This famous hotel is more Moroccan than ever after a 100m facelift. Adrian Mourby tested the water Stay the night La Mamounia, Marrakech

The Independent on Sunday, April 18, 2010


This city battled the elements and won - not once, but twice

Galveston is back, just 18 months after being devastated by Hurricane Ike. It was the same story 108 years ago, when the Texan island rebuilt itself after the Great Storm. Adrian Mourby reports

The Independent on Sunday, April 11, 2010


Generosity abounds on the great wall of fire

On 13 March, a line of light will blaze along Hadrian's Wall from coast to coast, Adrian Mourby and his son walked the route The Independent on Sunday, February 28, 2010


Istanbul: From the Orient Express to European 2010 Capital of Culture

By Adrian Mourby

Daily Mail 14th February 2010


Warsaw looks just as it did in Chopin's day. Well, almost

On the eve of the great composer's 200th birthday, Adrian Mourby sees how the city where he grew up has emerged from centuries of war and ruin

The Independent on Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is the perfect setting for an affair of the heart

The novelist Henry James set 'Daisy Miller' at this hotel. The link has won it a place on a prestigious list Stay the night Les Trois Couronnes, Vevey, Switzerland

The Independent on Sunday, January 31, 2010




Are you the right stuff for the white stuff?

To survive in the frozen winter wastes of Canada, you need to take some tips from the locals. Adrian Mourby and son learnt the ways of the Huron

The Independent on Sunday, January 24, 2010


Let me show you to your en-suite cave, sir

An unusual hotel has opened in the Italian town of Matera. Its aim is to maintain the integrity of the past. Adrian Mourby reports

The Independent on Sunday, January 17, 2010


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