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Adrian began working as a journalist and radio broadcaster while still on BBC staff. In 1992 he moved to writing full-time, soon becoming the most prolific programme essayist in the UK. In recent years Adrian has written for all the major UK opera houses plus several in Scandinavia and Australasia.

Below is a list of fictions Adrian has published. He also wrote the 2007 AA Spotlight Guide to Venice (2007) AA Spotlight Guide to Brussels and Bruges (2008) and contributed to the new Michelin Guide to Singapore (2009).

Adrian Mourby,
Seren Press Ltd
Hardcover - 4th March, 2004
List Price: 12.99
Read Chapter One : The Future

The chance discovery of a letter sets journalist Bill Wheeler off on an investigation which takes him into the dark world of opera's greatest genius, Richard Wagner, the man whom Nietzsche described as a sickness.

"a great labour of love by a truly erudite author - there aren't many like him nowadays" Amanda Foreman, author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

"a real page turner" Andrew Davies, dramatist of Pride & Prejudice and Middlemarch

Bill Wheeler believes himself to be a good man but the more he discovers about Wagner the more he releases - and has to come to terms with - his own darker side. Wounds that have lain unhealed for seven years are reopened when Bill re-encounters Libby Ziegler, the woman who broke up his marriage, and when Tamsin, his exwife, tries to take away Bills beloved daughter.

WISHDAUGHTER is a novel about the painful but necessary process of forgiveness, the need for nations and individuals to come to terms with the past before one can move on. It is also a powerful testimony to the dangerous potency of the written word, a power that is unleashed as soon as Bill takes that letter out of its envelope :

A route had suddenly opened up ahead of him, a route down which he could all too easily travel. He felt like a man standing on a high cliff believing himself strangely compelled to jump. All he had to do was step back. Bill had felt the same when he'd met Libby Ziegler all those years ago. All he to do was step back but somehow it was already too late.

Whatever Happened To...?
Adrian Mourby, Graham Round (Illustrator)
Souvenir Press Ltd
Hardcover - 9 October, 1997
List Price: 7.99
The Four of Us
Adrian Mourby
Hardcover - 20 February, 1997
Paperback - 17 July, 1997
List Price: 6.99
We Think the World of Him
Adrian Mourby
Paperback - 15 February, 1996

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